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Yummy Pizzas!

Pop Pizza is the new kid on the block and the fun interior at the outlet makes it a good place to chill out, or to rest your legs after an exhausting day of shopping. 

As one can tell from its name, Pop Pizza focuses very much on pizzas. The pizzeria has a wide selection of pizzas which includes traditional, Napolitana, Grandma’s and Sicilian pizzas.  

Okay, now let’s get to the point!  

Pop Pizza does a commendable job in nailing the thin crust in their wood fired oven pizzas. The crust is unbelievably crispy, it shatters with every bite! If you want to indulge in traditional wood fried pizzas, then you should go for Pop Napoli or Classic Italian. 

New Yorkers, a family sharing 18-inch pizza comes in three flavours; Dr Pepperoni, The Classic and Mobsters. It is perfect for a party of 5-6 guests! Our personal favourite has got to be the Dr Pepperoni as the taste of the hand crushed tomato sauce is just exceptional! 

Grandma the Butcher is one of the most interesting pizzas on the menu. The deck-oven fired pizza is topped with a mess of Italian sausage, duck bacon, pepperoni and salami. The roasted peppers have a pleasant kick to them, while the garlic adds a nice kicky note to the pie. A must-try!  

For those who love the earthy aroma and taste of truffles, you are in for a treat too! Pop Pizza serves Tartufo, a classic Italian just to satisfy those truffle cravings. Taking pizzas to the next level, Tartufo is an indulgent blend of black truffle, arugula and fontina, glazed with white truffle oil.  

Wait no more and see you at your next pizza adventure at Pop Pizza. 

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